Sphere Of Activities

The activities of the Centre have been directed towards the development in the spheres of overall gamut of natural resources. As such the activities have been undertaken in the domains of water resources, earth resources, forest resources, soil, agriculture & horticulture resources, landuse / landcover and urban surveys, environment and ecological studies as also the integrated natural resources studies.

Water Resources
  • Hydrogeomorphological Mapping
  • Ground-water Targeting
  • Flood Inundation Mapping
  • Monitoring water logged Areas
  • Monitoring the Dynamics of River system
  • Water Quality studies
  • Wetland Studies
  • Glaciological Studies
  • Rain water conservation & artificial recharge studies
Soil Resources
  • Delineation of wastelands
  • Delineation of sodiclands
  • Sodicland reclamation monitoring at plot level
  • Soil type mapping
  • Classification, characterization and mapping and mapping soils for soil resources inventory.
  • Identification & Characterization of degraded lands
  • Study of causes of land degradation & suggesting measures
Forest Resources
  • Forest Mapping and area estimation
  • Forest types and forest species identification
  • Forest change detection
  • Habitat assessment for wild life management
  • Encroachment on forest land
  • Identification of suitable areas for afforestation
  • Forest fire detection & damage assessment
  • Identification of fire prone areas
Landuse/Land cover & Urban Surveys
  • Preparation of Development Plans
  • Urban settlement & landuse mapping for urban planning
  • Landuse/Land cover mapping for regional planning
  • Urban sprawl studies
  • Urban infra-structure mapping
  • Identification of suitable areas for afforestation
  • Forest fire detection & damage assessment
  • Identification of fire prone areas
Earth Resources
  • Landslide studies
  • Fluvio-Geomorphic studies
  • Mineral Targetting
  • Lineament studies
Agriculture & Horticulture Resources
  • Pre-harvest crop acreage & production estimation for wheat, paddy, mustard & sugarcane crops
  • R & D in orchards identification
  • Acreage estimation of large orchards like Mango, Aonla & Guava
  • Sericulture Developmental Studies
  • Cropping System Analysis
  • Crop Damage Assessment Studies
  • Crop condition Assessment Studies
  • Drought condition Assessment
Environment & Ecological Studies
  • Environmental impact assessment due to mining
  • Environmental monitoring of sodic land reclamation programme on soil & water
  • Environmental Impact Assessment in Dam catchment & command area.
  • Geo-environmental Related Studies
Integrated Natural Resources Studies
  • Integrated mission for sustainable development-IMSD (generation of water & land resources development plan for integrated watershed development).
  • National Natural Resources Information System (NRIS) – A GIS based decision support system.
  • Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS) – District level Computerized data bases.
  • Space based information system for de-centralized planning (SIS-DP)
Other Activities
  • Delineation of slum areas & health facilities in selected cities of U.P.
  • Digital database for Cadastral resource mapping
  • Establishment of Disaster Management System in selected districts of U.P.
  • Training in remote sensing and GIS technique to user departments