RSAC-UP Library has large collection of books and journals in the field of Remote Sensing, G.I.S. and various application areas. Library subscribes several important International and Indian journals both in print as well as e-journal and books on Remote Sensing, GIS and their applications for various natural recourses. The Library serves the information needs of library members which comprise of scientists, officers, Students & researchers in addition to research students & staff members of other Govt / Semi Govt institutes and universities along with development of Library management skills to Library science graduates. Currently library subscribes International and national journals along with few online journals.The library has collection of more than 10,000 books besides many dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, technical reports, multimedia C.D.’s etc. RSAC-UP Library has wide collection of documents in the form of books, proceeding, reports etc. pertaining to the applications of Remote Sensing and G.I.S. in the field of Agriculture, Geology, Forestry, Water Resources, Land use, Urban services, environmental science etc. RSAC-UP Library adores data management through TLS software and steping towards digitization. RSAC UP Library provides reference services to its users besides lending of books, periodicals, atlases etc. Photocopy of articles and other reference materials from its collection are also provided to users. RSAC-UP Library is cherished currently with following status :-

No. of  Members 140
M Tech Students 25
No. of Readers /day app 1 to 20
(Regular & Project staff/ Visitors/trainees)
No. of Books 10000
No. of Journals 11
Indian 7
Foreign 4
Research Papers app. 1000
No. of Technical Reports app. 1363
No. of Comple. Reports app.1110
No. of CDROM databases 348
Thesis 11
Desertations 25
No. of Microfiche 58
No. of Daily Newspaper 11
RSAC Annual Report app.120
Other Divn's Annual Report app.120
Forest Resources Division 110
Mulberry Plantation on Wetland Maps 200
Meteorological Report 5
Soil Resource Maps 61
Print and Online ( E-journals )
1 Agropedology
2 Annals of Plant & Soil Reseaerch
3 Ground Water
4 Geophysical Prospecting
5 Indian Forester
6 Indian Society of Soil Salinity and  water quality
7 Int.Jl of applied earth observations & geoinformations
8 International Journal of Remote Sensing
9 Journal of Agrometeorology
10 Journal of Geological Society of India
11 Journal of Science & Industrial Research