Geo-Spatial Data Bank Division

The geospatial technology encompasses the domains of remote sensing satellite data and their potential applications in knowledge base generation and information sharing for meeting the day-to day needs of our lives. In order to harness the potentials of geospatial data, the main thrust is towards development and strengthening of tools, techniques and skilled expertise with the capability for disseminating the output products to the grass-root level users in digital format Resources/ Facilities Available:

  • Databank with different types of maps including Topographic sheets, aerial photographs and satellite data procured and used under different projects since inception of the Centre
  • Digital database output of different completed projects

Dr. V.Rajamani

Dr. V.Rajamani

Scientist-SG & Head Geospatial Data Bank

Educational Qualification (Wildlife Biology) 
Ph.D. – (Enviornmental Remote Sensing)

Area of Specialization Remote Sensing, GIS, Forest Resources, Ecology, Wildlife, Environment, Biodiversity, Landuse/ Landcover, Geospatial data etc
Experience in Years 24
No of Publications


Contact No.         0522-2731473/ 08765977647
E-mail ID

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  • Empowering Panchayati Raj Institutions Sapially (Epris) Project Sponsored by Nrsc, Hyderabad (July, 2016 - Dec, 2017) as Project Manager.
  • Nrc_Lulc Project-50 K Mapping- 3rd Cycle Project for 34 Districts of Western Uttar Pradesh Sponsored by Nrsc, Hyderabad (Oct, 2016 - Dec, 2017) as Co-Project Manager.
  • Data Dissemination to Different User Departments (Govt./ Pvt./ Academia) as per their Requirements on Pro-Rota Basis in Prescribed Format.
  • Impact Of Mining Activities And Super Thermal Power Stations On Environment ( Dehra Dun – Mussoorie Mine Belt Area )
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Of Maudaha Dam Catchment And Command Area In Hamirpur District, U.P.
  • Pre-Harvest Wheat Acreage Estimation (Rabi-1989-90) In 24 Districts Of Western Uttar Pradesh
  • Land Erosion & Forest Degradation Assessment In The Tehri Dam Catchment Area Using Landsat Data
  • Mapping Of Wastelands In Mirzapur & Sonbhadra Districts, Uttar Pradesh
  • Forest Cover Mapping In Sonbhadra District, U.P.
  • Integrated Mission For Sustainable Development (Imsd)
  • National (Natural) Resources Information System (Nris)
  • Uttar Pradesh Sodic Lands Reclamation Project (Evaluation Of Floral And Faunal Diversity And Microbial Biomass In Certain Localities Of Sodic Soil Sites At 5th Year Of Reclamation)
  • Assesment And Monitoring Of Forests In Terai Area And Vidhyan Region Of Uttar Pradesh
  • Pilot Study On Sonbhadra Gis
  • National Wetlands Inverntory & Assessment (Nwia)
  • Forest Stock Mapping & Volume Estimation (Fsmve)
  • Identification Of Habitations In Forest Lands (Ihfl)
  • Creation Of Digital Database For Assessment Of Environmental Conditions Of Six Mine Lease Sites Of Dalla Cement Factory, Dalla, Sonbhadra District
  • Space-Based Information Support For Decentralised Planning (Sis-Dp) Project Sponsored By Nrsc, Hyderabad (2011-2016)
  • Nrc_Lulc Project-50 K Mapping- 2nd Cycle Sponsored By Nrsc, Hyderabad (2011-12)
  • Assessment Of Floral And Faunal Biodiversity Of Wetlands/Bird Sanctuaries Of Uttar Pradesh Sponsored By Upsbb, Lucknow (2013-2014)
  • User Dept. Study – Mathura Refinery Plant Greenbelt Mapping
  • Upeida Project- Lulc Along 100 M Buffer Of Lucknow-Agra Express Way