Computer Image Processing Division

The division persistently strives to provide best in class Information System solution in geospatial domain. The division enables the organization to utilize the technology for innovation, execution, inference, archiving and retrieving the information which is gleaned from plethora of Remote Sensing Satellites, LiDAR , Bathymetry and other ancillary spatial and non-spatial data.

To keep pace with time and technology the division has rolled-out IT solutions since inception chronologically -

  • Super mini (on VAX 11/780, VMS based; VIPS32 digital image processing solution).
  • RISC based Client-Server (on HP 9000 and SGI O2, HP-UX and IRIX based; EASI/PACE, GEOMATICA, ERDAS, ENVI digital image processing solution; and Arc/Info Geographical Information System).
  • INTEL based Client-Server ( on Super server , win 2K advanced server; GEOMATICA, ERDAS, ENVI digital image processing solution and ArcInfo Geographical Information System, SDE, ORACLE, CITRIX metaframe Xpa )which are networked with O.F.C. backbone and CAT 5 UTP cable on IEEE802.3 LAN standard.
  • Presently division augmented campus wide secure, IEEE802.3X & IEEE802.11X standards based LAN. The managed LAN owes all enterprise class, Router, Layer3 & Layer2 Switches and Access Points; where the backbone is six core multimode optical fiber and arterial connections are UTP Cat6.

The UTM secured End point devices are varied from Workstation, Desktop, Laptop, PDA and Smartphone etc.. These are facilitated to access inter-alia named user and policy based Internet connectivity.

The core centralized Geo-informatics facility is biometric access control, based on datacenter - workcenter concept. The whole facility is getting clean power through UPS & D.G.Set and clean environment through centralized AC plant with installed micron filter.

Shri Sushil Chandra

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay

Scientist-SF & Head of Division

Area of Specialization

Computer Science, Computer Strategy,  Geospatial and Management

Experience in Years

24+ Years

Contact No.

915222730705, +915222730815(ext. – 258)


Dr. Udai Raj

Dr. Udai Raj
Designation  Scientist-SE
Educational Qualification M.Sc. (Ag.) Horticulture & Ph.D. Horticulture


Computer Image Processing &Data Management Division

Area Of Specialization

Agriculture & Horticulture   

Professional Experience

20 Years


13 Research Papers/23 Technical Reports

Contact No.

9415765623, 8765977657

  • 99 concurrent use , latest GIS software with adequate extensions.
  • 11 concurrent use, latest Image Processing Software with adequate extensions.
  • A Photogrammatry suit
  • A Statistical software
  • A Geoportal software


Which is commissioned according to the centre's security policy; and delivering services of Geoportal , GIS software (99 concurrent use), Image Processing Software (11 concurrent use), Photogrammatry suit and Statistical software.

  • 42U managed racks
  • High-end XEON servers (multi core multi socket servers (64 bit, Win Serv. 2008 R2 enterprise))
  • NAS
  • Router
  • Switches
  • Unified threat Management
  • KVM Switch
  • 1U Monitor


An ambient and ergonomic with reduced carbon foot print - Workcenter. Which has been utilized with concerted effort of all scientist for discrete and integrated geospatial domain studies.

  • High-end XEON Workstations (64 bit, Win7, Win8 & Win 10) with 27” monitor.
  • Heavy duty networked A0 size large format printer (print width: 1130mm).
  • A0 size CCD based scanner (scan width: 1065mm).
  • A3 Size Networked laser printer.
  • Enhanced Compression Wavelet based Uttar Pradesh State mosaic, of Fused Cartosat-1 Orthoimage with LISS IV Orthorectified image;   June 2016.
  • Establishing Hadoop Ecosystem  for Big Data Processing;  July 2016.
  • Centralized Antivirus Protection and End Point Control;   November 2016
  • Unify the Geodatabase of Government Education facilities in 14 districts of Uttar Pradesh; and build education service to publish in existing Geoportal;  May 2017