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Director, Remote Sensing Applications Centre, U.P.

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    Sector - G, Jankipuram, Kursi Road, Lucknow-226021

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    0522-2730451,2733496 (Direct)

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    +91 8765977649

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S.No. Designation Information Related To Name Mobile No.& Email
1 Head,Training Division Line Departments/Academical or Anyother Training,Project Work/Dissertation(as part of Graduate/Post Graduate Programme of University and Colleges) Shri Amit Sinha +918765977667
2 Head, School of Geo-Informatics M.Tech Programme in Remote Sensing & GIS Dr. Sudhakar Shukla +91 8765977668
3 Nodal Officer, Public Relations Remote Sensing,GIS,GPS and LiDAR Mapping & Surveys and other Activities of  RSAC Shri Tanveer Ahmad +91 9198488275