Remote Sensing Applications Centre

Realizing the potential of remote sensing techniques, the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, India took the lead in establishing the first state level Remote Sensing Applications Centre, U.P. at Lucknow. Remote Sensing Applications Centre, Uttar Pradesh was formally established by the Government of Uttar Pradesh as an autonmous organization in May, 1982, registered under the Societies. Registration Act, 1960, for the purpose of utilizing the newly developing technology of remote sensing in better management of the entire gamut of natural resources. The fundamental aim of establishing the Centre was to use the emerging technology of aerial and satellite remote sensing in conjunction with conventional methodologies in different natural resources management programmes. This Centre was also aimed to act as an interface between the high technology of remote sensing and the actual end user.

Ever since it's inception, this Centre has been generating natural resource related data through utilization of aerial and satellite remote sensing technique and providing the data thus generated to the numerous State Government User Departments. The activities have ever since the beginning been diversified in multidisciplinary mode. A team of scientists specializing in Earth Sciences, Water Resources, Forestry, Agriculture, Soil Sciences, Geography, Urban Surveys and Planning etc. and all having been trained in application of remote sensing techniques in their respective domains of specialization contributed towards the implementation of multidisciplinary projects either at the behest of the User Departments or as in-house programmes.

The Centre is undertaking specific investigations on behalf of the user departments by integrating remote sensing technology with other conventional techniques for efficient exploitation and management of the natural resources. In order to accrue maximum benefits out of the efforts of the Centre, it is necessary that a regular institutional interaction with the User Departments for utilization of sector-wise potentialities of remote sensing technology be attempted and suitable mechanism established. Several major projects at the behest of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh and other states have been completed and vital information provided to the various user agencies.