• Remote Sensing Applications Centre
  • Remote Sensing Applications Centre

Remote Sensing Applications Centre, Uttar Pradesh

Realizing the potential of remote sensing techniques, the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, India took the lead in establishing the first state level Remote Sensing Applications Centre, U.P. at Lucknow. Remote Sensing Applications Centre, Uttar Pradesh was formally established by the Government of Uttar Pradesh as an autonomous organization in May, 1982, registered under the Societies. Registration Act, 1960, for the purpose of utilizing the newly developing technology of remote sensing in better management of the entire gamut of natural resources....

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Computer And Image Processing Lab

The Lab endeavours to provide information system solution in geospatial domain. The division enables the office to utilize the technology for innovate, execute, infer, archive and retrieve the information which is gleaned from plethora of remote sensing satellites and ancillary spatial and non-spatial data.

Water & Soil Analysis Lab

The water quality determination is one of the important parameter in all the projects related to environment and hydrological investigations . To meet the requirement water laboratory has been adequately equipped with necessary basic and advanced equipments to estimate BOD,COD, pH, EC, anions, flouride, pesticide residue and heavy metals.

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